anti Christ

he got this one on Christmas....


BURI-BURI Snow white

her eyes looks like stoned...

skull apple.  so delicious.



he must be drink KIRIN beer....


innsbruck again

i went to innsbruck in Austria again.


i'd lucky for good wether to all time.

 met again friends and had good time in wild style tattoo messe.

Augustine`s booth

my booth was his next.

MR.Lucky and Chris

i think meet and talking is gonna bring me good experence always. most important things at when i go out my country.

big time


new prints....

finished one more...

these prints gonna be sell for tattoo con.
you can get somewhere in the world...
see you then. 


new flash 2011

i finished painting for new flash.

this time was try to creepy trad style...
have to painting few more sheet...

try hard.


The dragon of old taste

this customer was coming from Tokyo.
its takes 6hours by bus.

he did get finish this big piece for a 1session to after he arrived to here my city with took 6hours later.

this was 7-8 hours to done.

then, he go back to Tokyo for takes 6hours again.


anyway i appreciate for him.

thanks Brett.


hope from pirates grave

one more KALI KHRONIC new design is done.

you can get these stuffs on this site.

if you living Japan now....

coming soon....