pray for Japan. pray for World.

no more hype.
no more bull shit.

wake up and find true.



this is hand poking tattooing (TEBORI)without lining. it was so difficult.

usually i using tattoo machine to both lining & shading.

i didnt have interest to TEBORI style when i was started tattooing.

i influence from oversea culture so much when i was young.

music,fashion,street culture...

ofcourse still now influence many things from other country.

but my mind was changed to little by little.

every Japanese guys infulence over sea.

but every oversea guys infulence from Japan culture.

especially its on many tattooist.

it a great things.

now is we can find doing TEBORI tattooist to not Japanese some times.
its great things too.

i was born in Japan and grew up. so why cant do that? i have to do.

so i gonna starting TEBORI.

but... i need still do practice. its long way... try hard.



I went to the NYC TATTOO CONVENTION 2011.
it was so fun.

this times are 2nd time to attending for NYC TATTOO CONVENTION.
i went last year too. customer came a lot there than last year.busy busy.

many customer wanna get tattoo.its made me happy.thanks every guys. 

not finished yet. gonna get done next time.

tattoo convention is sometimes feel so nervous and has some trouble(MENDOKUSAI). 
but every time i had good things so many at last.
making new friend and study for looking other artist. its gonna be level up of my in mind.you know i mean?
i think i try to attend  convention  keep doing  after this if i have chance.


Grim Reaper has coming

 long time no finish to color.
 got finish on today.
its gonna be feeling good.



Fudo tiger

 protect to evil


Disney shit



smetimes had fun to cute works


Lion heart

on soul of art with pride