when woman get angry

gonna be HANNYA!
so scarry...



death image indicate a live

 they are became to tattoo addiction...


whats you praying for...

after healed.
mary will praying for something...
its beer...



Wien memory

i went to the down town area in vienna before go back japan. 

i met many beautiful bilding in there.

                                                             i was scolded for go inside church with hat on head.
                                                           some times cultur is difficult also in japan too.

and i found great place in down town area.
its called KAISER GRUFT.
many coffins has each rad skull decorations.


you should gonna be there when you be in Vienna...

tattoo at Vienna

suicide geisya
 i did some works in Vienna at Wild style Tattoo messe.
it was super busy.

old style ship


small tiger

snake and sakura(cover up)

and some more works...
it was tired. but realy good time i spend. hope to see you next time in Vienna. thanks every guys.


new print

this is silk screen hand print by me.
these are Ltd 30.
numbering of 1 is for my self...
will selling in convention.

cover up works

it was free hand draw tattooing

1st session

finished in 3rd session
and after healed

Nasca back piece

double head snake